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This is cover of August 2015 issue containing an article about Vic's turkey hunting.

Vic my Turkey Dog in Gun Dog Magazine

I'm proud to have my turkey hunting partner featured in the August 2015 issue of Gun Dog magazine. Turkey Flushes discusses how to turn your bird dog loose on the toms and put more beards in the bag. Excerpt: Excited yipping barks and the sound of waves of cackles, clucks and alarm putts surround me from somewhere off in the autumn woods... It's on news stands now pick up a copy and drop me a line about what you think.  Or subscribe to Gun Dog, it's well worth the $14 annual rate for … [Read More...]

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Many small things go into a successful turkey hunt.

Wisconsin 2015 Spring Turkey Harvest Down 1.29%

Wild turkey hunters across Wisconsin continue to enjoy the hunt of 2015.  See table below. As of the end of the 4th mini season (D Season) 2015 harvest is down 1.29% from the same period 2014.   Unit 4 hunters have experienced a turkey increase of 5.12%, unit 6 & 7 increased 23.6 %, 36%.  WDNR cut the permits in these units by 25% in 2014 so with the permit numbers back to normal this year an increase was expected. All other units have decreased harvests.  Likely this is due to hunters … [Read Full Article...]

2 year old turkeys are the bread and butter of spring hunting.  There should be more of turkeys found this spring.

Turkey and Turkey Hunting Contact Post

Over the years I've enjoyed discussing all things turkey with the forum members on Turkey and Turkey Hunting.  Unfortunately that forum has all the appearances of a website about to go dark. For those who would like to stay in contact with charlie elk or willowridge please fill out this contact form.   … [Read Full Article...]

Hunting allows you to be a participant in nature  rather than just a casual observer

Real Traditional Bow Shooting

Centuries ago master archers were able to perform incredible feats of archery.  These skills have long been forgotten probably due to the invention of gun powder.  Danish archer Lars Anderson has studied and practiced these long forgotten archery skills.  If you have smallest interest in archery this is a must see video. While watching take notice of smooth speed of shooting while moving with No Quiver - Lars holds all arrows in one hand while shooting.  He is right handed but shoots the … [Read Full Article...]

Many small things go into a successful turkey hunt.

Wisconsin 2015 Spring Turkey Permit Drawing Completed

January 16, 2015 - Wisconsin has completed and posted the results of spring turkey 2015 permit drawing.  Notification cards  are being mailed to successful hunters.  Turkey hunters can login Wisconsin Online License Center to  check the status of their spring turkey application. 103,516 Leftover Spring 2015 Turkey Tags Remaining permits will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Each zone has a designated sales date starting at 10:00 a.m. and running through midnight each day. These … [Read Full Article...]

Click to download all 116 page draft plan

Ecology of Wild Turkeys in Wisconsin a 2015-2025 Plan for Their Management

Here is the draft of Wisconsin's new turkey management plan. There is a lot good turkey information included in this document that all turkey hunters and anyone with an interest in wild turkeys should read.  You can click the image to download a PDF of the entire plan. Ecology of Wild Turkeys in Wisconsin A Plan for Their Management 2015-2025  For the most part it appears the current spring season scheme will remain in place for the foreseeable future. A majority of active turkey … [Read Full Article...]

vic on setup2 (800x631) (2)

A Thought about Learning Turkey

Learning about turkey hunting is not to know everything about turkeys - It's to enjoy life more. This popped into my head while turkey dogging the other day.  For those who don't know about turkey dogging- that is when you hunt with a dog to flush and scatter flocks of turkeys in order to call them back.  Anyway,  I read and talk a lot about turkeys and their hunting so I'm not sure if this is something I read somewhere or an original  random thought that flowed in from the spirit of the hunt.  … [Read Full Article...]

This deer was taken with a longbow.  The bow does not really matter he would be trophy no matter the type of bow, self bow, long bow, recurve bow, compound bow or crossbow.

Wisconsin Electronic Deer Registration

During Wisconsin's 2014 deer seasons some hunters have been selected to test the new electronic deer registration system.  These hunters can voluntarily  use the pilot program to register their deer via internet or phone call in.  They also have the option to continue in person registration. Selected hunters may receive a survey about the electronic registration experience.  The DNR will use the survey results along with the data from the 2014 registrations to fine tune the system so that it … [Read Full Article...]

doe 2 fawns

Wisconsin 2014 Anterless Deer Carcass Tag Availability

Wisconsin bonus deer tags must be purchased before they are sold out.  This is new starting with 2014 deer seasons.  The first days are zone specific then they will all go on over the counter sale with a limit of one per hunter per day until they are sold out.  Many hunters are unaware of this change and those who decide to buy their license and tags at the last minute may be out of luck.  Especially those who hunt on public land due to low number of tags available.  Due to hunter requests WDNR … [Read Full Article...]

Many small things go into a successful turkey hunt.

Wisconsins Fall Turkey Drawing Completed August 14, 2014

Good News for Wisconsin's fall turkey hunters. As of today August 14, 2014 the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has completed the 2014 fall turkey drawing.  Cards will be sent out next week to notify the successful hunters.  If you are an avid turkey hunter who can't wait results are posted in Wisconsin's  Online Licensing Center Leftover fall turkey permits go on sale over the counter starting Saturday August 23th at 10:00 AM. Hunters may buy one per day until sold out.  Hunters … [Read Full Article...]

gobbler tongue teaser 2014 spring

2014 Wisconsin Fall Wild Turkey Permits Stable

Wisconsin 2014 wild turkey permit status: After the last minute spring turkey permit reduction fiasco that very few knowledgeable hunters thought was a good idea.  Fall turkey hunters were concerned those same few complainers would manage to convince the WDNR to reduce fall turkey permit availability in 2014.  Thankfully, wildlife management based on science prevailed and the fall turkey permit numbers will be  equal to the number offered during the 2013 fall season.  Statewide 96,700 permits … [Read Full Article...]

Wisconsin Deer hunting has some significant changes in 2014

Wisconsin 2014 Deer Hunt Is All Different

  Be aware Wisconsin Deer Hunters, August 18th at 10 o'clock starts the over the counter sale of antlerless permits on a first come first serve basis.  There are numerous changes concerning deer hunters they need to  get informed, understand and be ready for deer hunt 2014 well in advance of the season's start. In case you have not heard 2014 deer licensing has major changes.  Counties are now the new deer management areas with each one assigned to one of these 4 zones. Wisconsin Deer … [Read Full Article...]

Fall turkeys . Most turkey hunters do not realize toms gobble and respond to calls in the fall too.

Wisconsin 2014 Fall Turkey Application Deadline

Yes it is true Wisconsin has available more turkey permits than they sell each year in units 1,3 and 4.  However, in the other units; 2,5,6 and 7 turkey permits are available to those who enter the drawing, sometimes there are no or very few permits available for over the counter sales.   The application deadline is August 1 and you may apply online, phone or in person at a license agent. I posted details on all fall appllication deadlines here Wisconsin 2014 Fall turkey 96,700 wild … [Read Full Article...]

Wisconsin turkeys laughing

2014 Wisconsin License Permit Application Deadlines

Wisconsin 2014 Fall turkey 96,700 wild turkey permits are expected to be available to hunters for the fall 2014 turkey hunting season  same number of permits that were offered in 2013. Please note that this number is preliminary and may be revised following review. Any fall turkey permits remaining after the initial drawing will go on sale at 10 a.m. on Aug. 23. Leftover fall turkey permits will be sold by zone until sold out or the season ends. Hunters who receive fall turkey permits … [Read Full Article...]

doe 2 fawns

2014 Wisconsin Deer Assessment

What will the fall of 2014 deer harvest be like after a record-breaking harsh winter? This is the question on the minds of most of Wisconsin’s 600,000 deer hunters. of the car-killed deer assessments conducted by Department of Natural Resources wildlife officials. This finding is in line with field observations from DNR wildlife biologists throughout the state and reports from the public. This spring, 522 deer were sampled statewide during a period when fat reserves were at their lowest … [Read Full Article...]

Take your dog turkey hunting.  You'll both be the better for it.

Turkey Dogs Don’t Ruin Deer Hunting Areas

The short answer is no. Turkey doggers and their don't usually interfere with bowhunters or ruin their deer hunting.  Turkey dogging is a late morning mid day activity and the vast majority of bowhunters have already left the field by the time we start.  Although deer hunters should stay on their stands if they see or hear turkey doggers in the area.  Deer  have a tendency to bed down during fall daylight hours and as long as the deer don't move a stand hunter has no chance of seeing … [Read Full Article...]

Green Wing Teal in flight

Early Teal Season and Longer Dove Season in Wisconsin 2014

From WDNR press release Natural Resources Board  approved  early teal season and longer dove season in Wisconsin for the fall of 2014. Starting September 1, 2014 the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will offer an early teal-only duck hunting season. In addition the current 70-day dove hunting season will become a 90 day season. The dove hunting season in Wisconsin will be changed from the current Sept. 1 to Nov. 9 schedule to a longer season, open from Sept. 1 to Nov. … [Read Full Article...]

South Wisconsin Bobcat Hunting and Trapping Season 2014

New southern zone bobcat hunting and trapping season will be offered in Wisconsin Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources press release regarding Bobcat Hunting and Trapping during fall 2014: MADISON - Wisconsin will offer a southern zone bobcat hunting and trapping season beginning in fall 2014. State wildlife officials say the creation of a southern management zone will make new opportunities available for people to hunt and trap bobcats. The southern management zone, which includes … [Read Full Article...]

photo courtesy Son of the late Don L Johnson

Wisconsin Grouse Drumming Survey 2014

  Wisconsin Ruffed Grouse wintered well.  They are designed for survival in deep fluffy snow which northern Wisconsin had a lot of during 2013/2014 severe winter. The 2014 Drumming Survey is complete and indicates only a 1% decline in spring drumming activity statewide. Excerpts from 2014 Wisconsin Ruffed Grouse Drumming Survey Wisconsin's ruffed grouse population indices decreased between 2013 and 2014 (Table 1). This is the third decrease in the ruffed grouse indices since 2011. … [Read Full Article...]

gobbler willowridge call 2013

2014 Wisconsin Spring Turkey Harvest, Results

Update for 2015 Spring Turkey Drawing and OTC tag availability. Wisconsin's  preliminary 2014 spring wild turkey harvest or if you prefer the number of gobblers killed during the spring of 2014 hunt: Unit 1 - 12,147 Unit 2 - 10,313 Unit 3 - 10,490 Unit 4 -   5,727  (OTC permits were unnecessarily cut 25%) Unit 5 -   2,000 Unit 6-       541   (OTC permits were unnecessarily cut 25%) Unit 7-        354  (OTC permits were unnecessarily cut 25%) FM-              86 Statewide … [Read Full Article...]

turkey on ranger

Will Wisconsin Beat Missouri Turkey Harvest?

Just in Missouri's 2014 wild turkey season has come to an end with a total 2014 wild turkey harvest of 43,273 birds.  This is Missouri's  third year in row of increased harvest numbers, very good news.  Congratulations Missouri hunters. At the time of this writing Wisconsin has a statewide harvest of 35,882 with 10 days of hunting season remaining.  If Wisconsin hunters register another 7,391 wild turkeys we will tie Missouri. Why does this matter you ask?   Well it really doesn't- … [Read Full Article...]

Wisconsin Deer hunting has some significant changes in 2014

Wisconsin’s 2014 Disabled Deer Hunt

2014 disabled gun deer hunt provides great opportunity for hunters with disabilities and interested landowners MADISON -- Sponsors and landowners interested in hosting a gun hunt for deer hunters with disabilities are reminded that the deadline to submit an application is June 1. The 2014 disabled hunt will take place Oct. 4 to 12. For an online application, search the DNR website dnr.wi.gov for keywords "disabled deer hunt." If sponsors do not have access to an online application, please … [Read Full Article...]

winter deer spring find

After Melt Winter Kill Finds

A lot of questions are being asked about the extent of Wisconsin's winter deer and turkey kill.  Of course it will vary by area. All the reports coming in here concerning turkeys are indicating the population is strong and vibrant with strong gobbling reports coming from all across the state of Wisconsin.  So it is looking like as predicted Wisconsin's 2014 spring wild turkey season is going be a good one.   Additionally the early reports are of strong gobbling all across northern Wisconsin … [Read Full Article...]

Woodcock in Wisconsin a welcome sight in March.

Woodcock Return to Wisconsin

March 29, 2014 first Woodcock. After enduring a long cold hanger-on winter the twittering rise of 3 woodcocks was a pleasant surprise for  Vic and I.  This might be our earliest Wisconsin woodcock sighting.  I must admit before Vic the turkey dog entered my life there may have been woodcock about in March which I simply walked by.  Vic doesn't miss much making him a special joy to hike around with.     Don L. Johnson writes in Summer's Song Just Ask The Birds "Men may … [Read Full Article...]

All things considered Wisconsin's 2014 spring season will be one for the record book.

Wisconsin 2014 Spring Turkey Hunt Forecast

Wisconsin is divided into 7 turkey management units.  Units 1,3, and 4 are covered in this post.  According to a  consensus of retired turkey biologists and dedicated hunters who are year round turkey observers Wisconsin has one of the largest turkey populations in the nation numbering in excess of 500,000+.  In spite of a severe winter across the northern third of Wisconsin the turkeys seem to have survived intact.  There are some localized reports of dead turkeys being found and these … [Read Full Article...]

The height of the red oaks provided the turkeys a long glide path.

Wild Turkeys Migrate

Do wild turkeys migrate? Winter 2014 has been severe in most of Wisconsin.  Also the winter of 2013 was challenging for wildlife survival. While snowshoeing across a hilltop field a flock of 30 – 40 turkeys flew in loose formation over head looking like they were on their way somewhere not near here.  They were a couple hundred yards in the air and until that moment I had never seen such a flock flying so high.  My first thought was they were migrating. Posted here on March 7, 2014 Turkey … [Read Full Article...]

Wisconsin Deer hunting has some significant changes in 2014

Poaching Deer In Wisconsin may soon cost $10,000

The Wisconsin Assembly passed a bill authorizing a surcharge penalty from $43- $10,000 for poaching deer.  In particular a trophy deer.  Judges would be required to add the surcharge fine according to the bucks score based on length of tines and spread.  Also anyone convicted of poaching would be forbidden from purchasing a hunting, trapping or fishing license for up to 3 years. Now the bill moves onto the Senate. Wait a minute. Does a poacher by definition care about buying a … [Read Full Article...]

vic on setup2 (800x631) (2)

Meet Vic and charlie elk

Vic the turkey dog and charlie the human will be speakers at Talk'n Turkey Expo, March 22, 2014 at the Howards Grove High School.  Hours are 9am-6pm. Talk'n Turkey expo is a fundraiser for the Howards Grove Rod & Gun Club's Learn to Hunt program.  The Learn To Hunt pairs up experienced mentors with first time hunters.  They take them out turkey hunting and supply everything they need to hunt. Our session starts at 1 pm. Now wait a minute you're thinking "What does fall turkey … [Read Full Article...]


Scott Walter Responds to charlie’s Inquiry about turkey permit reduction

After yesterday's unexpected announcement of a 25% reduction in 2014 spring turkey permits charlie emailed Scott Walter: Scott, I’m stunned you reduced the turkey permits!?! Do you realize how convoluted your press release sounds? What happened to science based wildlife decisions?  This is a very bad precedent for the future of science based wildlife management. Very disappointing, just plain bad management.  This is the kind of position that keeps me a nonmember of the … [Read Full Article...]

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