More Marijuana Fields Found in Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

Hunters should be aware this fall in state and national forests.  For the third year in a row pot-growing operations have been discovered, investigated and busted in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.

A fisherman notified WDNR when he found out of place plants and suspicious activities going on. 

JSOnline reports

Authorities are destroying an estimated 15,000 marijuana plants worth approximately $15 million, said Ed Wall, chief of the state Division of Criminal Investigation, and Justice Department spokeswoman Dana Brueck. It will take until Thursday to airlift all the pot plants out of the remote, forested Oconto County area by helicopter, Wall said.

On Saturday, authorities stopped the Grand Prix and a red pickup also seen near the growing site and arrested Garcia and five others believed to be staying at her Brandon apartment: Miguel Sanchez Garcia, Jose Alfredo Sierra-Aguilar, Pedro Enfante-Ramirez, Guillermo Chavez-Carrion and a Livingston, Calif., man named Juan Carlos Cervantes-Contreras, the complaint says. 

Many of us hunt in these remote areas so we must stay alert to our surroundings.  If you come across drug operations which could include planted fields or processing equipment to avoid booby traps leave the area by the same path you traveled in on and report to the authorities.  

In addition to their archery gear or shotgun some hunters may feel the need to carry their CC weapon for personal protection.  Just remember a CC permit is not a junior G-Man badge; its best to let the trained professionals deal with these situations. 

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